Tips for exhibiting at B2B events #5 – Sooner the better

This latest instalment in our tips series looks at how when signing up to exhibit at a B2B event, it really is a case of the sooner the better.

Although booking at the last minute means you’ll still get lots of benefits from exhibiting on the day itself, booking earlier provides lots of additional opportunities to build your profile.

Although it might not always possible, the earlier you can book on to exhibit at an event the better, for a number of reasons.

Booking earlier gives you plenty of time to promote the fact that you’re going to be there exhibiting. And time to invite your customers and prospects to come and see you on your stand. You don’t want to leave this until the last minute.

It also gives the event organiser plenty of time to promote that you’re exhibiting.

Lots of event organisers promote their exhibitors on social media and the event website etc. So booking earlier means you’ll benefit from this extra profile for a longer period.

And it gives the event organiser more time to help you achieve your event objectives e.g. by targeting particular types of visitors you’d like to meet.

Some things you can’t leave until the last minute!

You may need to refresh your branding and/or replace printed materials such as leaflets and pop-up banners. Even if you do manage to find a way to turn these things around quickly, it’s likely to come with added costs (and stress)!

So when is the best time to book on as an exhibitor?

Booking 3+ months before is probably the ideal. This gives you and the organiser plenty of time to let people know you’re going to be there and sort out anything needed for the day.

Booking 1-3 months before is also fine and still gives a good amount of time to promote your presence and prepare for the event.

Booking 1-2 weeks before means that even though you will still get lots of benefits from exhibiting on the day itself, you will miss out on some of the added benefits.

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