Tips for exhibiting at Business Events #1 – Think First

Knowing how to get the most out of exhibiting at business events doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Like many aspects of business (and life) exhibiting may involve a fair amount of trial and error at first. And the more experience you get, the more you’ll get out of it.

So it can be daunting if you’ve never exhibited – or only exhibited a handful of times – before.

After 20 years of organising B2B events – and seeing thousands of companies exhibiting – we’ve developed a good idea of what works (and what doesn’t).

With this in mind we thought we’d share some of our top tips in a new weekly series. Hope you find it useful.

Tip #1 Think First

Be clear on what you want to achieve from exhibiting

In order to get the most out of exhibiting, think first about what you want to achieve and what are your priorities.

Your target outcomes should be reflected by what you do at the event and how you promote your attendance.

Don’t be afraid to ask your Event Organisers for help with achieving your goals.