Tips for Exhibiting at Business Events #4 – Take a Step Back

We recommend taking a step back and putting yourself in a visitor’s shoes in Number 4 of our tips for exhibiting at business events.

Deciding what to have on your stand

When thinking of what to put on your stand, take a step back and look at it as though you were a visitor to the event. Pretend you were scanning the room just to get a quick view of what types of companies are there and any offers that may be available.

If you’re say 10m away from a particular exhibition stand, you should be able to tell what that company does and if there are any offers available (and roughly what they are).

This raises a number of issues such as is the type you are using on displays etc. big and legible enough and does it convey the message that you want?

Do your pop up banners and displays work with a table in front of them, or does the table obscure important text or messages.

If you are running a special promotion or offer, are you advertising this on your stand and is it clear and visible?

Taking a step back and thinking about things in this way enables you to address any issues at the planning stages and avoid making costly mistakes!