Tips for Exhibiting at Business Events #3 – Less Tiger, More Pussycat

Here’s no.3 in our tips series. This week we’re looking at how to make the best impression from your stand.

Giving visitors a good impression

You have invested in an exhibition stand and want maximum return. So you send out four of your keenest sales staff and tell them to get as many people to the stand as possible.

But put yourself in the visitor’s shoes and you would realise that the impression being given can be one of tigers ready to pounce.

At the other end of the scale, we’ve seen exhibitors with one person on the stand but they’re sitting at the table with their head down concentrating and working on their laptop.

And exhibitors with two team members who moved to the back of their stand as the event was starting. They then positioned their chairs to face each other so they could talk more easily.

They might as well have put up a sign saying ‘Do Not Disturb’!

Obviously it’s much better to be somewhere between these extremes. One or two people on your stand that look friendly and ready to talk to visitors without putting them in a headlock.